Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday and Sunday!

It will be Monday before we get this posted, and it feels like forever since I have had a chance to post…won’t repeat what Donna said about our day in Dayton on Friday, but it was absolutely fabulous….Meeting Ernie and being on the receiving end of his generosity and love of history was just a great experience…..I wish he and Karen well as they continue being the keepers of the “Wright House”. Thanks again….Saturday morning we headed to the Dayton Library….didn’t know if it would be productive or not, and to be honest I was really pretty discouraged about not finding any documentation of the boys’ journey to Santa Fe…well, I was on my last roll of microfilm when I screeched to Donna, “There are our boys!” Well, in the excitement of the moment, I moved the film really quickly, and I had to look for them….It was beyond words what a blessing it was to find the picture and then subsequent articles…Since I had a date for their time in Dayton, I looked at the other two papers and found other articles and another picture….It told where the boys stayed in Dayton, and the Local History Librarian was so helpful….I am sorry that I don’t have her name—but forgive me because I am typing this at the laundry and it is 11:00…anyway, she was very helpful in showing us how to access the library’s online archives…there is a post card of the hotel….Well, needless to say we were pretty pumped to travel on…..Away we flew over the hills of eastern Ohio—through picturesque---stopping in a couple of beautiful old towns---Zanesville and Cambridge---didn’t get any pictures to speak of in Cambridge because it was a monsoon while we were there….we did give a copy of the book to the local police….Sgt. Hill said he would give it to the local library for us….Yes, we braved the rain to stop and give the book….Wheeling, WV was the next place---although we didn’t see a comet there, like the boys—we did see a beautiful rainbow! J After stopping for a bite to eat, we started looking for a place to stay, and ended the day in Morgantown, WV….. It was a super fabulous day…..Thank you Lord for all of the blessings!
Sunday we had a late start, but headed for Frederick, MD…we had several scenic stops along the way….our first big stop was in Cumberland, MD….we toured the canal district and where Gen. George Washington had his headquarters near there right before the French and Indian War….This was a great area…we are both in love with all of the old homes and buildings….we traveled on and saw some very interesting geology, so we stopped and crossed the interstate at a run during a small break in traffic to get a better picture….we were also able to find small pieces of shale that had broken off of the outcrop…little did we know that there was an amazing pass through the mountain just ahead…so we stopped again…..there was a great bridge over the interstate just for Donna….I don’t think she liked it anymore than the suspension bridge we crossed in Wheeling on Saturday…But the view was worth it….There were many different layers of rock that even I could see and tell where the lifts and differences were….eventually we made it to Antietam National Park… is such a beautiful place to have been the home of the deadliest day of fighting in the Civil War….We spent several hours there…..but one afternoon is not enough time…just when I thought we might be locked in the cemetery….we made it to our car and headed on to Frederick…..and no, I haven’t learned that the little lines mean “curvy and slow”….but it was a nice view….But I do think if I tell Donna to “look” one more time, she might scream….because I usually say this just after I have asked her to look up something on the map or a travel guide…..Oh, well….it usually is worth looking at….. Okay, I am pretty giddy…the laundry is finished and it is a quarter to midnight…hopefully we will find our way back to the hotel…. Did the guy say right right left….or left left right???? I guess if you are reading this all is well….

This is Donna. Just going to add a few comments.
Melody did get excited and zipped past her spot on the microfiche. The good part is, she didn’t try to break this one like the one in New Mexico!
The suspension bridge and, not mentioned before lookout tower at Antietam, were great…..if you’re looking at them from the ground!
We try not to eat at chain restaurants, but we did eat at Bob Evans. That was o.k. because neither of us had eaten there before. NOW it is a chain restaurant. Right?
When driving through really heavy rain, we have decided that part of our journey has been a voyage.

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