Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mike is the Hero!

Today is Tuesday....Thank you Mike for getting the computer fixed and meeting us tonight! You are the best. Thanks for supper in Chandler It was good to see you.... ...we made a couple of pit stops on the way back to Apache...We stopped in Arcadia (because the boys went there on their way to NYC--they saw a magician there! )to look at the old Round Barn...it is really beautiful...surprised that someone could make something that wonderful in the 1890s out here on the prairie...we were in for another treat because we stopped at the Pops station...Donna said that it looks like a space age fuel station. We each got a bottle of "pop" -- me strawberry in honor of Temple who had Strawberry pop on the Santa Fe trip, and Donna had the Round Barn Root Beer...We even bought a bottle of creme soda for Matt for tomorrow.... I thought that he would be here today...but imagine that I looked at the paper wrong! We will head out for Santa Fe in the morning....We have had a great couple of days!
On Monday we went to the Chisholm Trail museum in Duncan! If you haven't been there, you should go! As soon as we walked in the door, we saw our "friends" Bud and Temple...they have a little display about them all of the time, but throughout the year, they have students come to the museum and they give an in-depth program about the boys, complete with a replica of the Brush...They have a workbook they put together that they shared with us! Thank you so much for visiting with us! They even took our picture for their website...they were so excited about our trip....It was wonderful to be guests in your museum..thanks for the coins! We were lucky enough to receive a Chisholm Trail Museum Coin...a rare find these days, as they are almost all gone...Thanks again.
The movie about the Chisholm Trail was out of this world...you could actually feel the wind and rain at times, and then smell the coffee...What a super fun experience...I know all of you reading this would enjoy your time there....
We stayed several hours there, and then we found a little spot called Jay's Drive Inn---Glenn said he had run the place for 32 years! He enjoyed hearing our story, and he told us a little bit about his life and love of history...All in all it was a fun experience!
When we got back to Grandmother's we did a little research on the computer--
Today was a jam packed day....We went to the Apache Museum first thing....Wow! Aunt Mary, you have done a great job of acquiring pieces over the years....I know that it has been a labor of love for you.....Thanks Lena for giving us the tour...After that, we prowled around Woodwards, and Donna found a Cowboy Christmas ornament....very cute...Then we had lots of really good fried food....at Kay Cee's! I know that fried green beans don't sound very good....but they are the best! Thanks for introducing us to them, Molly..... Then we went to the Apache Library to donate a book to them...Stanley Wright came over from the Apache News and took the picture...you looked beautiful Aunt Mary...Thanks for making the introduction to Kelly for us...Then we were off to Eric's Indian Store...what a fascinating place....Eric talked to us for quite a while about the bow he was making....It is a great story...stop by if you get a chance...Donna bought a beautiful Pendelton covered photo album....
then we were off to see Henry Parker!
He is Quannah Parker's grandson....Thank you so much Henry! He shared stories and artifacts about his family....we talked to him for over an hour! I could have listened to him talk all day long.... He told us that many of the things that you read about Quannah are not necessarily true...and 50 percent is made up! We shared with him what the Abernathy's had to say about his Grandpa....they thought he was their dad's friend so surely he was their friend as well...I think that was true..... He shared a story about how he learned Quannah was his grandpa....what an interesting tale...Quannah had passed away many years before Henry was born, so he did not know him personally. Thanks again Henry...what a highlight to our trip...we are so thankful you were willing to talk to us. I didn't do our visit with Henry justice...if was fascinating to listen to him talk...he has lots to say....hope those that are around him on a daily basis are listening...and Henry, hope that your fishing is successful tomorrow....
Thanks Grandmother and Papa for letting us use your car to run around......and letting us crash at your house.... we have enjoyed being here...... :)
Hopefully, we will be in New Mexico tomorrow..... I think that Matt has had a great time preparing for his Wales trip!

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