Saturday, June 28, 2008

Few notes to add for Wednesday and Thursday

Hi everybody! It's Donna. Melody does so super at recording events of the day! I'm just going to add a few comments, rather than repeat.
One of the things we noticed and enjoyed about driving through Kentucky are the fences. All wooden. I understand the barbed fences would be too dangerous for the horses. I can appreciate that as well as the aesthetic value. We were informed by the people we were originally eavesdropping on that the sights we see along the highways do not represent 100% of the Kentucky population. There are many "behind the scenes" farms. People making a living with their farms, but not necessarily the "millionaire farms" so obvious to travelers.
I do have to repeat what a terrific experience the Kentucky Horse Park was. My favorite part was the show of the different breeds, including the information, costumes and performances of each. We got to meet all of them, riders and horses. Rocky is big, and there were still 1 or 2 that were the same size if not bigger!
We wanted to find one of the fire departments in Cincinnati and were fortunate enough to drive straight to one. We met Willie Jones there. This station was one of two special units. Special because they deal with special cases such as hazmet, bombs, etc. Willie was very generous with his time and explained everything when questioned. It was Willie's night to cook. Close to dinner time, many of the other firemen started showing up. Go figure! I hope the people of Cincinnati know what a great group of people they have at the fire department!

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