Monday, March 23, 2009

1600 KUSH

The excitement continues! Over spring break several interesting events happened regarding our fellowship. I (Melody) spoke to the Cushing Lions on Tuesday, March 17. Kym Skinner asked me last fall if I would be willing to speak when she was in charge of the program. Of course she didn't have to twist my arm very hard for me to agree. What a lovely gracious group of people. I shared the story of Bud and Temple, and then I showed them a slide show of our trip. I tried to explain a little of what we tried to accomplish along our journey--research; getting fingerprinted; taking Atlantic Ocean water to the Pacific etc! I appreciated what a great audience they were. Afterwards, Molly Payne from KUSH radio in Cushing, asked me if I would ever consider coming on her show to talk about the Abernathy Boys! Obviously, she doesn't know how much I love them! LOL I asked her if Donna could come along, and she said that would be super! Luckily, Donna didn't have plans for Wednesday, and she was willing to get up early and drive over!
What another unexpected blessing! Meeting Molly and her friend Angie was another opportunity we had to share Bud and Temple with people who loved the story and genuinely seemed to share our excitement about the impact this story makes on the lives of children!
They let us talk over an hour!! Yes, I felt like I was in heaven getting the chance to talk about two of my favorite boys, and Donna even managed to get a few words into the conversation!!
Sitting in the radio station while we were being interviewd was a new experience for us! The last radio interview we had with a Frederick station was completed over the phone---fun, but seeing the inside of the station was a new learning experience for us. Donna says, "It was almost like being on our trip again, and having those unexpected encounters with fascinating people who liked hearing about the boys and then hearing their stories!" It felt like Molly and Angie were old friends we just hadn't ever met yet....
When I told Mr. Vollmer about our spring break experience, he said, "The next thing I know, you all will be on the Today show!"
That would be great! I would love to tell America the story of Bud and Temple and great qualities they possess, and how children of today relate to these little boys from long ago.
Sunday night I recieved an email from Megan Carter. She is going to undertake a "long ride". She is going to ride the perimeter of Oklahoma which is 1200+ miles. CuChullaine O'Reilly, Founder of the Long Riders Guild, had given her my email. I am so thankful for the connection we made with him. I know we are not officially longriders, but we now have a tiny glimpse of what they do......
I am anxious to connect with Megan and hear her story and let our students compare her journey to Bud and Temples.

More soon.....


Molly Payne said...

Thanks for the nice comments Melody and Donna. I must say I have talked and talked about you two! I even went on a hunt at the local Bookery for Bud & Me - jury is still out on that one - I have to check back to see if it's been found.

I just finished my story about you all. It has taken a while and it only touches on your story...I kept thinking of things I could add, but then I decided I should leave the book writing to you all!

Be sure to check it out on the Lifestyles page of (click on News for the drop down box)

You are always welcome at KUSH - would love you to meet MY Donna, Melody!

Take care,
Molly Payne
KUSH 1600 AM Radio

Oh, I hope you don't mind that I "stole" your picture for my story - quite frankly I thought I looked better on your camera! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the abernathy brothers.


Anonymous said...

i extremly like the book about the abernathy bothers and their adventures.

Kayla Frazier