Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

There are quite a few people that are helping us get ready for our trip that we need to say thank you to.
First of all, I had my first lesson from Jake. Thanks so much for being a good sport about all of this. I think you would do a much better job of riding than I will!! Your horse was very well behaved, and oh wait, I didn't even fall off.....But getting up on the horse was a whole different matter! I have promised Matthew lots of stuff if that video doesn't make it to this blog!! But hopefully, there will be a little video of me riding, just not of the struggle to get on the horse!
Next we need to say thanks to all the people who have donated meals and clothing for our trip!
*Chick-Fil-A Stillwater
*Red Lobster--Stillwater
*Mo' Betta-- Apache (shirts)
*Goody's --Stillwater----lots of cool OSU gear to wear!
*Frederick Chamber of Commerce--Abernathy Coins

Lots of people are excited about our trip! Everyone is amazed that 2 little boys could accomplish so much! Thanks again for listening to our story.

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Anonymous said...

you look good on a horse

trey 5m